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What is New Zealand Casinos™?

We are the bridge between safe online casinos and players in New Zealand.

Our job is to analyze online casinos and then present the most important information to you as a player in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-read way.

We are a safe and a secure meeting place for safe and legal online casinos who want to present their product to casino players in New Zealand and at the same time we are an safe and a secure place where you as a player can find reliable casinos and useful information about them.

About our rating system

To make it easier for players we have created a rating system that show how good is a certain casino on our site. A 5-star casino is, in our opinion, the perfect casino that offers players the best opportunities and offers. See below how we rate casinos on the New Zealand Casinos ™ guide!

  • 1 star – Casino is OK but the service, design and games are poor! Simply this is just a reliable casino that can’t beat their competition with a less better product.
  • 2 stars – Casino is a little bit more then OK. It probably has a wide range of casino games, fast support or fast payout times. Overall its a good casino with something extra.
  • 3 stars – Casino is good! This casino is struggling to get 4 stars all the time. They are already doing good but their competition is just one feet in-front.
  • 4 stars – Casino is great. If you choose a 4 STAR casino you will be more then happy with your player experience. the 4 stars casinos have great games, excelent support, modern platform and everything we could wish for when visiting an online casino.
  • 5 stars – Its just a little bit better then 4 stars casinos. If for example both have great costumer service then we check who actually has the fastest. And even the winning casino is faster just by 1 second then its still a little bit faster and therefor it deserves to get a higher rating, meaning 5 stars.


All casinos that we review are getting scored and thees scores are then calculated into star ratings.

If a casino DON’T reach star No.1 then its not a reliable casino. This casino will not be found here at newzealandcasinos. We simply choose not to ad them!

In other words all casinos on our sites are reliable to play at. The score we set is to show where your player experience will be best.

So choosing a casino with 1 star will probably not live up to your expectations like a 5 star casino.

But remember its still a safe casino and it could offer something unique that other casinos don’t like a great bonus or an exclusive slot machine that is super cool.

A little bit about us

We founded New Zealand Casinos are a bunch of internet entrepeneurs from Sweden (yes the other side of the globe) who have been working long ago with online casino in our home country where online gambling works in exactly the same way.

But we noticed that you did not have a single serious player who spoke about reliable online casinos. We found lots of casino guides as recommended casinos as we know have been scam and it made us upset.

Of course, in New Zealand, just like we will help you find the best gaming sites where you can play safe and secure.

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About NZC

With NZC, we want to create the absolutely greatest and best casino guide in every possible way. We will try to achieve this by:

  • Deliver quality tips
  • Update all casinos daily
  • Offer the best information

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