Best casino games online 2020

Our main task at this page is to give players updated information about available casino games at online gambling sites in NZ. We’ve put together guide to the most popular casino games like slots (pokies), blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat and sic bo, and also you can learn more about live dealer games. Here you can see the best New Zealand casino games list, choose to play free casino games or games for real money, and increase your knowledge with our tips and tricks.

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New pokies 2020

Below you will always se the latest added pokies to our website!

BEST Live casino games

Learn how to play the classic casino games. Just click on a game and we will guide you throw the game.







poker chip

Texas Hold’em




Sic Bo

New Pokies with highst RTP

What is RTP (Return to player)?

RTP or Return To Player is a percentage that shows us how much a particular slot machine pays to its players for each unit (wager) that is charged to us during the game. Theoretically speaking, if RTP is 92% on one slot game, that game means that this game will give us $ 92 NZ for a wagered 100 NZ $, which sounds very good in the game. Learn more about RTP, here!

Best Progressive jacpot pokies


Casino games with the biggest jackpot slots often have global online jackpots. These global jackpots are very important because they provide people with a good chance of winning a lot of money in a very short period of time. The casino games with great jackpot have a running jackpot that is very easy for people to see, and they can figure out if they have the right options for their personal play.

Some people would like to try casino games that pay out a lot of minor jackpots, but other people would like to try something that has one big jackpot. Big jackpots change all the time because they are progressive, but there are some jackpots that are set because the casino games are based around how much money someone can win when they are playing them. Plus, this makes it easier for people to play knowing what their odds are. Learn more about progressive jackpots.

Table games?

Table games online are the same as Las Vegas casino games, the only difference is that we can play them any time and anywhere.

  • Table casino games also take a turn when they are designed to be online casino games.
  • The game of poker or blackjack could be made much more complex by a programmer who has created something that has its own story.
  • Table casino games can go in a list of casino games with the best odds because statistically, they have better odds then like for example slots.
  • If players are just learning table games for the first time, they can study these table games, take a look at which games they like the most, and read over which styles they think will be the best.

Players might like a Five-Card Stud when playing at New Zealand poker sites instead of something like Texas Hold Em.

The same is true of playing a baccarat game where they are the dealer versus a game where there is a dedicated dealer at the table.

Live dealer casino games

Live dealer games online are hosted by real people, and the casino games allow all the players to see each other on camera.

This is very much like the casino experience that people get when they are going to a real casino, but playing online helps people make more money without any extra expenses.

live casino games

What is?

RNG = Random number generator

We only accept online casino sites that are 100% transparent. This indicates that the casino must have an RNG certificate issued by a secure third party.

This means that casino slots games are games of luck and impossible to rig.

In other words, you will only find tips on the best casino games you can trust here with us. Learn more about RNG here

House edge of casino games

House edge is the percentage that exists at every casino game, it is also known as a casino advantage over a player.  

House edge is common on all table games, slots or pokies and other casino games whether they are in brick and mortar or online casinos.

Check out our house edge of casino games guide where you can find out all about house edge and find online casinos with the lowest house edge available to New Zealand players.

Casino games with the highest RTP

Here at our casino games guide you will always see the game’s RTP so you can easily find good slots with high repayment.

There are a lot of interesting casino games that people can play, but the casino games with the highest RTP are always going to be the best online pokies

What is RTP (Return to Player)?

Casino game glossary

  • Coin-the coin – is the bet amount that is made in a pokie when the player is making their spin.
  • Deposit bonus – the deposit bonus is a bonus that players get when the casino matches the deposit that they have made into their account.
  • No deposit bonus – the no deposit bonus like free spins for online casino games in NZ is one that is given to the player as a gift.
  • Free spins – free spins are offered in all online casinos to help players play more pokies.
  • Bonus round – the bonus round is the round in casino games where players can multiply their winnings and get extra bonuses that they would not have gotten before.
  • Scatter – scatter tiles will fix a stuck board when someone is in a pokie that does not have any matches.
  • Live dealer game – the live dealer game is hosted by a real person who will deal with the cards or spin the roulette wheel live while the players are on camera.
  • Jackpot – the jackpot is the collective win that people can get from a game universally regardless of where they are playing the game.
  • Bankroll – the bankroll is the money that is in the account that a player can use as they go into any game.
  • Pay line – the pay line is any line of matches in a pokie that will give the player a win.

Best casino games for android

Finding the best online casino games for Android is something that people need to consider because there are certain games that were made just for Android.

These games are not meant to be played online as normal because the games are apps that people play on their phones or tablets.

It is very easy for people to figure out how they make the most money when they are on a mobile device that gives them a lot more control over their play.

Plus, playing on Android could be something that will make it easier for them to travel around the country and play online.

A lot of people do not have time to sit at a desktop, and it is very hard for people to sit at those computers for as long as they like. Devices that are supported by online casinos include iOS, Android, Windows Phones and Blueberry.

Some of the best games for mobile devices we can recommend are:

  1. Gonzo’s Quest
  2. Dead or Alive 2
  3. Narcos
  4. Divine Fortune
  5. Video Poker games

The wide range of this online pokie games can be found at the fastest payout casino sites reviews.

Best casino game providers

The best game providers are working very hard to release new games every day, and it is very important to know who these companies are so that players can find the games they will enjoy most.

Some people only play games from certain providers because they would prefer to work with those companies only. Many players will find that they can play with a company they like, and there are many people who will even play on that company’s website.

The most popular casino game providers are companies like

  1. Microgaming
  2. NetEntertainment
  3. Evolution Gaming

There are a lot of people who would like to use these companies, and there are some who might want to change the way they play based on how these games are made.

Also, we can mention Betsoft, Aristocrat and Yggdrasil. A company like NetEnt makes their slot machines to fall in an avalanche, and there are other companies that will make their games into massive stories.

When players have found the casino games online that they like the most, they can play those games online every day because they know they have a better chance of winning.

Casino games with low minimum bet

Casino games allow people to make small bets in a lot of cases. There are online casino games that people play with something as small as 25 cents, and that is because they would prefer to test out each game before they make their betting choices.

When this is the case, online casino games allow players to get more and more risky with their betting. The betting that is done can be done very easily because the player can start very small. Learning online games that offer the lowest bets helps players take fewer risks.

The smallest bets are often some of the best things for people to try because they do not want to be stuck betting more money than they have on casino games online. Anyone who is trying to make the most money from their gambling also needs to know how they can use the small bets to get big wins.

If the player is in casino games that give them the best possible chance of getting free spins, they will find that they can place more small bets because they have more chances to get to a bonus round.

Table games all usually allow a bet as low as a dollar, but players need to make sure that they know how much money they are required to bet at these types of games.

Play free casino games

You can play free casino games at all casino operators listed on our website. Some of the free casino games require you to create a free account first while some may let you play directly without an account.

Play real money casino games

Real money casino games are available on all casinos that we have listed at our site.

Online casino games for real money are very popular and in this games guide, below you can find our carefully created casino games list for Kiwis.

Free online casino games

Free online casino games are a great option for someone who wants to get started slowly without betting any money at all. Plus, it would be smart for people to play online games that they enjoy just because they like to see the game unfold.

People who love games in this way are much more likely to play often because they like to hang out online. Someone who is hanging out online can get to know these games, and it will only be a matter of time before these players can bet on online games and make more money.

The free mode for a game could change at any time, and players need to know if the site has put a limit on free play. Some casino games can be played online for as long as people want because they would like to play just for the enjoyment of it.

If the game has a limit, people need to know when it will convert over to a real money game.

Some casinos do not make this obvious, and it is smart for people to remember that they can come up with a plan for the gaming that includes how long they are allowed to play for free. At online casinos, you can test free online casino games NZ like pokies, jackpots and table games. But not… live dealer casino games!

Tips and tricks for playing the best online casino games

Playing online is much easier when the player has picked their favorite location in New Zealand to play. So we at we made a small list of tips and tricks for our visitors. Follow these tips and you will find the most quality games and companies and you will get the best gaming experience.

  • Pick the company that offers the best experience. That makes it easier to play, and that has very good customer service
  • Start very small when learning how to play. Never bet so much that all the money could be lost on just a couple of hands.
  • Check does the casino have reliable game providers. Game providers are a big factor at every casino because they provide casinos with games.
  • The wisest players are monitoring how much they play. That is why they do not lose money without even noticing.
  • You should always pay attention to promotion and bonuses. There are also welcome bonuses and that is a great offer where you can test games free of charge, and you can get extra time for playing.
  • Many casinos offer to test their games for free. That is a great opportunity to try games before you decide to join the casino and make your first deposit.

Bonus rounds in casino games

The bonuses for casino games are often set up to give players a reason to keep going. In most cases, the casino games are set up so that the player will get little bonuses along the way that will make them feel better. The bonuses also include bonus rounds that might allow the players to multiply their money over and over.

One of the best and most and most popular features at free casino slot games with bonus rounds is that they are completely free, but at some casinos, you will have to create a deposit so you can trigger the bonus.

The bonus round will not last that long, but this is where the players will make most of their money. Someone who loves casino games might find that they need to collect extra spins to get into the bonus rounds of these games, and it would be smart for the players in these casino games to load up on spins when they think the bonuses are coming.

Which casino games have the best odds?

Every player would like to know how much odds will have on the particular casino game. That is why we have done the research to find the answer on question which casino games have the best odds of winning. Our casino expert team have come to conclusion and listed casino games with the best odds here below:

  1. Roulette (Winning Odds 50%)
  2. Blackjack (Winning Odds 49% )
  3. Craps (Winning Odds 48%)

Some of the games with the worst odds of winning are slots with odds 1 in 49,836,032 to win.

The second game with the worst odds of winning is Big Six Wheel or Wheel of Fortune with odds of Winning from 26% to 39%.

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Frequently asked questions

Can online slots be rigged?

Only if you play at rogue online casinos that do not have a reliable license. Casinos that you find here have a so-called Random number generator which means that no one can know or decide when, to whom and how much a game will pay out. Fair game!

How many games are offered at online casinos?

The gaming offerings at online casinos vary depending on which game developers they choose to partner with, but most have at least 300 games to offer and those with the largest gaming offer offer up to 5000 casino games.

Which casinos have most slots games?

On our pokies page we list top 5 online casino sites that have the largest selection of slots. Click here to see the best casinos based on how many slots they have.


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