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    Why are slots in New Zealand called Pokies?

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Types of online pokies

There are pokies that make the players feel like they are in a video game, and players could play these games because of the story. The NZ online pokies that people have chosen should feel exciting and should be played more every day because that allows players to see more of the pokies.

They can play the whole storyline, and the players are more likely to make money because they played the pokies games to the end of their stories. We present  you the three most popular online pokies types for Kiwis and they are:

3 Reel pokies

3 Reel pokies are online games that mirror the pokies of the early days. These games can be found in NZ in some casinos, and the pokies only ask the players to line up three items to win. These policies are very simple, but they could have storylines if the programmer wanted to make the games more interesting.

See the best online slots with double up feature!

5 Reel pokies

5 reel online pokies are much more intriguing because the players who are playing a 5 reel game have many pay lines they can bet on. The players who like to play online pokies might go with these games because they like to see the arrangements of a 5 reel game.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

The progressive jackpot slots machine games are online pokies or slots where the players are paying into their own jackpots. More money goes into every one of these games, and players will notice that they can make a lot more money because they can see those jackpots rising.

The players do not need to hit the right tiles for these bonuses, but it is possible for players to win millions. There are even stories online of online pokies players making millions in a single spin.

7 reel pokies

7 reel online pokies are popular among online players because they offer the most options. 

The 7 reel game is very interesting because pokies could have stories that ask the players to fill out so many parts of the board. 

They are very interesting because they leave more room for the bonus tiles and other online gaming options.

3D pokies online

3D pokies are fun to play because the players are looking for options that will make it more fun to play online. 

The 3D pokies have incredible graphics that load well online, and the players who go to 3D pokies will start to see new choices that might change how they feel about their 3D pokies experience. 

These players get swept up by the look, and the players might play 3D pokies because they already play a lot online.

Video Pokies

Video pokies are a video pokie game that people will play in filling stations in NZ, and these video pokies games are hosted online as players are looking for a fast way to play poker.

Players who like to make money quick online could play online video pokies because the games move fast, and the games allow players to make easy hands that they could not make otherwise. Video pokies that people play online are so fast that any beginner can get excited by these options.

How to play online pokies?

Online gamblers must learn how to play these online machines by spinning the reels, waiting for the tiles to line up, and hoping that the pokie will give them a bonus, a win, or a pay line that will save them money. Gamblers need to buy spins for their pokies play, and they use these rules to play:

  • Online pokies require players to buy spins ahead of time
  • One spin gives players one roll of the reels in pokies
  • The players can bet on pay lines in advanced pokies games
  • Online pokies give free spins back when those tiles have been revealed
  • The bonus round is a temporary round that multiplies winnings for all players
  • Pokies players may stop and cash out at any time
  • Some casinos require that pokies players convert money won with free spins into bonus cash

Online pokies tips & tricks!

Like in every aspect of life sometimes we need some advice and tips to become better in things we prefer to do. A man is learning his whole life and that a fact. thing are alike in the online casino world we should know some things before we decide to start playing. That’s why we have prepared you with some tips and tricks to become a little better at online pokies games. So let’s begin!

Start slow with an online machine that is very simple.

  • Pokies are easier to play when the player has played for free. These games involve no risk, and players can get better after a little practice.

Try pokies that are easy to understand.

  • Someone who is playing in an online casino could get wrapped up in games that reward a lot of money only to experts players. It is better to start with simpler pokies first.

Try a machine that is reported to give people the best possible chance to earn money.

  • Online pokies are all rated online, and the player can play a game that is supposed to pay them handsomely instead of a pokies that seem to pay almost nothing.

Try online machines in casinos that have very good reviews from other gamblers.

  • Especially where customer care is concerned you should try those ones also. Checking out pokies and online casinos on review sites help players learn what their best options are. Online pokies need to be hosted by casinos that give better customer care.

Find machines that offer fixed bets when the gambler is not sure how to make the right choices.

  • Fixed bet online pokies allow the player to move quickly. Plays, players can use pokies like this to make money from a betting strategy that requires a fixed bet.

Play Online pokies for free

Gamblers who go online to try out new machines should try them for free. There are free options for online casinos in NZ, and there are a number of people who will prefer to use the free mode to learn how the machines work.

When we are talking about NZ pokies that are online and can be played for free we mean that those pokies are the same thing as free pokies offline, because we can play them at any time without making a deposit. Someone who has played in the free mode for some time will be prepared to make more money online.

pokies with no deposit bonus

No deposit free spins are given to the player by the casino or the developer simply for signing up. Deposit free spins are given to the player when they make a deposit on the site. These bonuses could be given over and over if the player continues to deposit.

Players must remember that these games are governed by online casinos in NZ. The online casinos might require pokies players to convert money won from free spins into bonus cash, and that money must be bet again before it can be withdrawn.

Best online pokies providers

These companies have worked online for many years sending new properties to casinos, and they make machines every day that are meant to offer a better online experience. These programmers have their own online casinos, and they even have online rooms that allow people to try their machines live.

Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt are among the best developers in the field. In New Zealand, there is one provider that is very popular and he is based in Australia, Kiwis love to play those free online Aristocrat slots. We have talked about them in our Aristocrat slots gudie here.

RTP at online pokies

RTP stands for “return to player.” Return to the player in online pokies real money NZ is very important because all Kiwis need to know how much money is returned to them every time they spin.

Online machines have listed ratings for their RTP, and people who are trying to make the most money should choose the online casino games that they believe will pay the most.

What is RTP and how does it work?

Pokies or slots

Some people who live outside of New Zealand will get confused when they hear a word pokies. Some online casino players don’t have a clue what that word means. But of course, all players from New Zealand are familiar with term pokies.

If we take Australia for example, when they say pokie they mean to a poker. But in New Zealand when you say pokie that means video slot machines. That is why we have explained to you that pokies in NZ online casino world mean video slot machines that are played in online casinos or landbased.

Why are slots called Pokies in new Zealand?

What is paylines (pokies)?

Pay lines allow gamblers to make more money because they are gambling on lines that happen inside the spins themselves. The gamblers could choose a lot of lines on the screen, and they make extra money every time they get one of these lines right.

Someone who bets on all the pay lines in online pokies will see a menagerie of lines crisscrossing the board. These pay lines could catch matching tiles that increase winnings. This is simply another form of gambling that a player can do on each spin.

Volatility and variance

Online pokies can be divides into 3 different types, including high volatility, medium volatility and low volatility pokies or slots.

High volatility pokies can have bigger wins, rarely land winning combination, high risky but high rewarding.

Low volatility or variance slots/pokies give smaller wins with frequently wins hits. Bankroll last longer and give results closer to the RTP.

Our recommendation is to play at medium variance or volatility pokies.

Learn more about variance and volatility at online pokies.

Online pokies terms

Learn the terms of the game when trying to make the most money.  There are a few below that are vital for any gambler.


The tiles are rearranged on the board in online pokies when this happens. Pokies often use scatter as a graphic effect.


This tile could give the gambler any tile they need to win. Online pokies use wild tiles to help gamblers win more money.


The art on each reel and each tile. The symbols change depending on the pokies gamblers have chosen because they all have a different theme.


The return on each bet in online pokies. Online pokies show the stakes so the gamblers know how much money they stand to win on each play.

Pay line

A line of matching tiles in the game that could scatter across the playing surface. A pokies game with a pay line allows the gambler to bet for more money on each spin.

One-Armed Bandit

Slot machines with the lever that people pull. Online pokies were derived from these three or five-reel machines.

Fruit Machine

A standard three to five-reel pokies game. These are older pokies that people can still play online today.


The sounds people hear when they play and win in pokies. The reel will determine what sounds come out of the roundup in each pokies game.

Basic Slot

A pokies machine with no extras. Gamblers play without any pay lines or bonus rounds.


The machine will play spins for the player. Plus, it will make a standard bet on each round.
Instant win-a win that happens without aid of a jackpot. Most people play with the hope that they will hit the jackpot and win all their money at once.

Big Bertha

Big Bertha is an old pokies machine that attracted players with its size. This machine was huge and possessed nine large reels. At the time, it was very popular and attracted the attention of the players.

Coin Hopper

This is the name for a container that used to be used for an old slot machine. It was the place where the pads would fall when a player hit the payout button. And everyone would hear the sound of the coins hitting that bowl.

Bet per line

Bet per line is the total amount of money payable on each line. If we bet 0.10 NZD per line and we bet line 10, then for each spin we will be removed from the balance 0.10 NZ $ x 10 lines = 1.00 NZD

Bet Max

Bet Max is a button that automatically inserts the maximum number of lines and money available on the online pokies game. With the bet max button, we can instantly choose this option and start our game.

Instant Win

Many pokies winnings from payouts to players are paying out during the month or few weeks, while instant win pays out immediately.

Classic pokie

That is an old school slot machine that was used in land-based casinos. Classic pokies have three reels and one pay line. It was with fruits and bonuses. It was very popular back in the days.

History of online pokies in New Zealand

Pokies in NZ started in 1991 after people had been trying to introduce one-armed bandits and fruit machines in gambling establishments across the country. By 2003, there were pokies in all the major casinos in the six largest cities in NZ. 

These machines came over from Britain and America in the early 20th Century, and they have grown in popularity with help from casinos that operate in the country.

Frequently asked question

Can I tell when the machine is about to payout?

Contrary to the popular myth, there are no signs that can help you predict when a machine will payout.

Do new pokie machines offer higher chances of winning?

There is no definite answer to this question. However, there is an argument that new machines will have better payback, especially for the first day of use.

Do the chances of winning depend on how much I bet?

The amount of money you stake on a machine does not, in any way, improve your chances of winning. The chances of winning are random irrespective of the amount of bet you place. However, you will not qualify for some lines if you pay an amount that does not cover all lines.

Where did the name “pokies” come from?

Pokies’ is a slang name that originated from players shortening the word poker machine. Learn more here!

Are there any tricks to winning on pokies?

There is no trick you can use to improve your chances of winning when playing pokies, and any person selling systems with the promise of guaranteed wins might just be a fraudster.

Do the odds of winning increase if the poker machine has not paid out for a while?

No. Every spin on the pokies or slot machine has the same probability of being the winning spin. The machine does not record the amount of money that has been slotted in.


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